Used technologies


  • RFID
  • capacitive: (touch) buttons, proximity sensors
  • motion sensors
  • ultrasonic (position, distance measurement)
  • thermometer, humidity sensor, etc.
  • load cells
  • accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope (9DoF)

Communication networks:

  • WiFi, ISM radio, Bluetooth, Infra,
  • Ethernet, USB, RS485, RS232, etc.


  • relays, dc motors, step motors, magnetics, etc.


  • LED-s, graphic LCD, HDMI interface (for monitor, projector)

Typical applications

  • Measurement technology
  • Automation, remote monitoring
  • Medical technology
  • Control technology
  • Mobile technology
  • Entertainment, sports
  • Special and complex solutions


  • Design and assembly of digital and analogue circuits
  • Embedded systems (hardware and software)
  • Distributed systems
  • Reverse engineering (eg. discovery, customization and conversion of existing devices and their communication)
  • Signal processing
  • Android
  • Programming languages: Java, C, C++, Python, Matlab…

This is not a full list,
we are open to other technologies too.